Books for songwriters and tips

Here are some useful songwriting tips we found on the web

  1. Writing parallel melodies for the voice and guitar
  2. Put your songs to the test
  3. Writing hooks

Songwriting books

Here are some we recommend

The Songwriters Idea Book – by Sheila Davis. Only talks about writing lyrics. Includes 40 writing exercises as writing prompts. Plus a potted guide to songwriting dos and donts and structure. Uniquely the book has a quiz to check your thinking style, and links this to the strengths and weaknesses of your first drafts. With tips on how you can get in the right frame of mind to edit out your imperfections. Includes sections on writing cabaret songs.

Six steps to songwriting success – by Jason Blume – structured, step-wise approach, that will appeal to practical people. Various chapters on getting recordings cut and selling your songs to the music industry. Geared to commercial pop songs.


One response to “Books for songwriters and tips

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