Brighton Songwriters is a forum offering news and resources for people who love writing songs. We share information about local songwriting resources and events in the Brighton / Sussex area and beyond.

It’s run by songwriting enthusiast Kath Burke.  You can sample some of her songs  -through  www.lilylouche.com. Kath is working on an EP through Lily Louche.

Initially Brighton Songwriters was a group of “bedroom songwriters” who met up in 2009-10 in Brighton to share work in development, co-write and critique each other’s songs to help develop the craft of songwriting and finish songs.  In 2010, we held a one day celebration of songwriting with workshops – Songstorm – subsidised by Brighton council. Over the following year, the group gradually fizzled out. And now it’s reborn just as a website.

If you are running a songwriting group or event in Sussex and would like your details listed here, get in touch.


2 responses to “About

  1. Hi songsters,
    I’d be very happy to come and meet you and share some song magic with you..
    Blue Skies!
    also at http://www.myspace.com/janallain

  2. I just wondering if you still exist as the las post date is 2010??
    If so, are you still meeting?

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