5 tips for collaborating with other songwriters – Martin Sutton

On Sunday 19 April I went to a songwriting workshop in Manchester run by pro-songwriter and educator Martin Sutton. Martin has written songs for LeAnn Rimes and the Backstreet Boys so he knows a thing or two about the craft. Here’s what he had to say about co-writing.

Co-writing is a bit like dating – it’s all about chemistry, says Martin. And you don’t know till you try how things will work out. First and foremost you have to have fun together.

5 tips for co-writing

1.     Be open to anyone  Who knows? The person  sat next to you at a networking event  could be selling Platinum discs next year.

2.     Make a proper date, time and venue for the session and have a set aim in mind – to write a song.

3.     Show them you’re serious – come prepared with lots of song titles / ideas. Obviously you can deviate from these if you can come up with something better together.

4.     Go with the flow – don’t get wed to one particular chord progression / lyric etc.

5.     Have fun –  enjoy the process. Often the best songs happen when you’re having fun because you’re more relaxed.

Contact Martin

Martin runs songwriting retreats, workshops and affordable weekend bootcamps to develop your craft and learn about the music business.  Find out more at The  Songwriting Academy.

More songwriting workshops in Manchester

I went to “Introduction to Songwriting” at Band on the Wall. This is a music venue and charity that does lots of training and support for emerging musicians/ writers.

do you write with a partner?

If so, what benefits have you got from it?  Do you have any tips for getting the most from writing collaborations?  You can comment in the box below.


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